“A noble king rules in a faraway city, where paved boulevards stretch farther than the eye can see. Merchants from exotic lands enter each day, bringing wine and fragrant meat. And when the sun sets, gleaming lamps banish the night’s darkness, and strong walls of hewn stone keep all the world’s dangers out of mind.”

-A mother lulls her child to sleep with a bedtime story

The remnants of the civilized races fight daily to scrape a living in a world they can no longer master. By night, they huddle in fear around small fires, starting at wild sounds from beyond their sight. Ruined monuments to long-dead kings and overgrown temples to forgotten gods dot the landscape, reminders of glories long past for those learned enough to know these sun-bleached bones for what they are. The world bears the scars of a great cataclysm mere centuries past, though few save for the eternal dragons now remember it…

After the Fall

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